Precautions for Use of Vibration Motor

General Precautions

Observe the safety regulations that are applicable to the equipment that will be used with the vibration motor and the location where the vibration motor will be installed. (These regulations include the safety, health and occupational regulations, the technical standards for electrical equipment, the interior wiring regulations, the explosion protection guidelines for factories, building standards law and so on.)

Select the vibration motor that is applicable to the intended application and usage environment.

In food processing equipment or other equipment that must be protected from oil, install oil pans or other forms of protection against oil leakage resulting from equipment failure or problems caused by the equipment nearing the end of its service life.

Before using the vibration motor, read the whole related documentations and regulations carefully to ensure correct usage.

Vibration motor

Troubleshooting Checklist

My material still in not moving

  • Did you put your vibration motor in the right location?
  • Did you mount your vibrator properly?
  • Do you have the right vibrator for the job?
  • Does it provide enough force?
  • ls it the right frequency?
  • ls it set to the maximum force?

The vibration motor do not start

  • Check power supply to unit. Are you getting the proper voltage?
  • Check for blown fuses in fusel/overload protection circuit
  • Are you running the vibrator continuously? Check bearing condition and doing maintenance.
  • lf fuse/ protective overload circuit is in working status and power is correct provides, please check current status.

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