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Vibration motor
DC vibration motor
Explosion proof vibration-motor

This is a high-quality AC vibratiion motor for many fields to use. It applies precise bearing, rotor, and copper wire coil to ensure smooth & energy-saving operation. Dust & IP65 water-proof for many occasions.

DC vibration motor with intelligent digital display controller, using double head eccentric block vibration principle, feel free to adjust speed. The vibration motor using pure copper wire and precision bearing.

Explosion-proof vibration motors are available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 poles with different voltages, they are suitable for use with inverters (variable frequency drives) and adjustable on each individual model.

What we do?


ATO Vibration Motor is a leader in industrial vibration technology, supplying customers around the world with industrial vibrators, electrodynamic vibrators, vibration motor controllers designed to suit a wide variety of applications in the widest range of industries.

ATO Vibration Motor has been a reliable motion solution provider & manufacturer since 1957. Our technology leadership, application expertise and wide range platform make us to be the ideal partner for customized product development.

ATO Vibration Motor  is committed to making our customers successful with our product differentiation and excellent supply chain. For designers who demand performance leadership and assurance of supply, ATO Vibration Motor is the reliable choice.

Our History

ATO vibration motor company was established in 1957, vibration technology to become one of the main manufacturers in the field of vibration in the world, vibration motor was founded on the date, we do not pay attention to the technical consulting development and provide fast service for use, and in the global equipment office.

The vibration motor manufacturer believes that the foot fracture of the vibration motor is mainly caused by improper installation and improper use. Improper installation of the vibration motor: When installing the vibration motor, it is not carefully checked whether the direct contact between the ground and the installation steel plate is flat, and at the same time.

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The insulating paint used by general manufacturers will volatilize acid components, such as unreacted low-molecular-weight paint raw material acid components, acid components generated during curing, lower fatty acids generated by thermal or oxidative decomposition, and paint cured products after water decomposition. acid composition, etc.


The power of the vibration motor should be selected according to the power required by the production machinery, and try to make the vibration motor run under the rated load. When buying the vibration motor, you should pay attention to the following two points. 1. If the power of the vibration motor is selected too small, the long-term overload of the vibration motor will occur.


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