AC Vibration Motor

Vibration motor

This is a high-quality AC vibratiion motor for many fields to use. It applies precise bearing, rotor, and copper wire coil to ensure smooth & energy-saving operation. Dust & IP65 water-proof for many occasions.

ATO AC vibration motor 30-120W vibratorcan be used as an aid for descending materials on hoppers or silos by improving their unloading, or as drives on small vibrating machines for different purposes such as transport, screening, sizing or compacting in different sectors. The possibility of adjusting the centrifugal force allows the adaption of the vibrator to the needs of the individual application.

ATO AC Vibration Motor Features

  • AC 110V 30W/40W/50W/60W/70W/80W/90W/100W vibrating motor 
  •  Aluminum alloy case, llght weight, fast heat dissipation and low temperature rise
  • Thick terminal, anti-oxidation and anti-rust coating connecting piece, fixed casting junction box, waterproof, insulated and good performance
  • Strong power, smooth operation, small size, high efficiency
  • TO/TB small vibration motor adopts special oil-resistant and anti-oxidation power supply line, plus anti-vibration outlet protective cover and double protection to prevent
  • Long-term vibration damage of cable. 


Power 30W/40W/50W/60W/70W/80W/90W/100W
Voltage AC220V/AC110V
Current 0.19A/0.545A
Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Speed 3000rpm
Force 72 kg (Test at no load)
Note: In practical application, the seismic force may be reduced by about 30%.
Phase Single Phase
Pole 2 Pole
Material Aluminum Alloy
Protection Rank IP 65
Weight 2.5 kg
Optional Accessories Speed controller
Frame No 2