Vibration Motor Bearing Lubrication Problem

Transportation Precautions for Vibration Motor

Vibration motor is one of the common accessories of mechanical equipment. Vibration motor is used to prevent and eliminate the phenomenon of “blocking” and “tower arch” caused by internal friction, deliquescence, electrification, and component segregation of materials in various silos. It can also be used for Remove all kinds of warehouse walls and pipeline bonding materials.

Compared with mechanical vibrators, vibrators have the advantages of simple structure, no rotating parts that are easy to wear, and long service life. And only the directional vibration perpendicular to the warehouse wall is generated, so the force of the warehouse wall is better. There is no need to say much about the use and purpose of the motor warehouse wall vibrator. Everyone is very clear. Recently, a friend asked us about the lubrication of the vibration motor bearing, reflecting that they always have the phenomenon of bearing locking during use, especially when new equipment is put into use. It often occurs during use. They have checked the possible problems and have not found the cause. Today we will analyze the reason for this situation:

AC vibration motor with speed controller

After understanding, they did not add grease to the bearing according to the requirements of the equipment during use, resulting in insufficient grease. The bearing is most likely to generate heat under the condition of insufficient grease, and the bearing locks after heating.

Mechanical friction (stator rotor sweeping) or single-phase operation during the operation of the vibration motor will cause oil shortage or damage to the rolling bearing. It should be checked frequently and re-tightened. First, check whether the rolling bearing is short of oil or damaged, and then repair and clean the bearing and add new ones. Oil, if the bearing is damaged, replace the bearing. If the bearing of the vibration motor is overheated, it is because the bearing is damaged by too much or too little grease, or the grease is mixed with debris. The only way is to replace the bearing, adjust the oil supply or replace the new grease.

According to the formal requirements, the vibration motor needs to be lubricated once a month, preferably 10-15 grams each time. However, some companies may not add lubricating oil several times a year, which greatly reduces the service life of the vibration motor, especially for high-frequency vibration motors, which is fatal. -4 and -6 motors are generally OK to add oil once a year, but it is absolutely impossible for -2 vibration motors.

Under normal circumstances, the new motor needs to be supplemented with grease for a week or so in continuous operation. The grease generally used is lithium molybdenum disulfide No. 3 lithium base. After the first lubrication, the next interval depends on the length of the equipment’s use. Depending on the situation, the interval is usually about one month.

Is it that the more lubricating oil added to the vibration motor, the better? The answer is no, because the distance between the stator and the rotor in the vibration motor is limited. If you fill up the oil, the consequences can be imagined. A customer in Shandong added lubricating oil to the high-frequency vibration motor twice a day, and he added a lot more. The motor turned slowly, and the test current was surprisingly high, so the excess oil was released from the vibration motor. It worked fine after that. Now there are two kinds of motors on the market, one can be refueled and drained, and the other can only be refilled but not released. I hope you will pay attention to check it, because the uses are different, and the models are different, depending on the situation.

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