Vibration Motor Safety Tips

The Vibrator motor shall be started only, if mounted for the defined use with the corresponding machine and all protection devices.

Attention: In case of handling or work with the vibrator motor the centrifugal weights of the vibrator motor may rotate unexpectedly. Risk of injury overall protection of persons is insured only if the vibrator motors are closed completely.

The vibration motor is not allowed to be used without protective cover of the centrifugal weights. The electrical connection of the vibrator motor must be protected appropriately.

A damage insulation of the connection cable and missing covering of the terminal box may result in danger to life due to electrical shock. Eliminate such defects immediately.

Carryout any maintenance or setting work on the vibrator motor only with the motor at standstill.

Prior to the beginning of such work make sure that it is not possible to switch on the vibrator motor by error or unauthorized person.


  • Do not grease new motors before installation.
  • ATO Vibrator Motors with roller bearings leave the factory filled with right quantity of grease while those with rubber sealed ball bearings do not need any lubrication.

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