How to Remove the Eccentric Block of Vibration Motor?

The vibration motor is based on the vibration principle of the ordinary motor, and the eccentric block is installed on its rotating shaft, and the vibration force is generated by the high-speed rotation of the motor. Due to the particularity of the vibration motor structure and its harsh working environment, its service life is longer than ordinary the motor is much shorter, so the disassembly and maintenance of the vibration motor is more frequent than that of the ordinary motor.

Vibration Motor Improvement Measures

DC vibration motor with speed controller

When repairing the vibration motor, the removal of the eccentric blocks at both ends of the rotating shaft is almost indispensable. Due to the particularity of the eccentric block structure, and the tight fit with the rotating shaft (the eccentric blocks in larger vibration motors are generally connected by chains), use ordinary the pick-up hook cannot be disassembled, which makes many manufacturers have to use prying because they do not have special tools. The most primitive means of disassembly are smashing and skimming. This is inconvenient and time-consuming, and the phenomenon of damage to the eccentric block and the rotating shaft occurs from time to time, especially for larger vibration motors. For this reason, the vibrating screen decided to punch 2 process holes on the eccentric block of the vibration machine YZDP series vibration motor (larger) on the basis of not affecting the structure of the eccentric block.

How to use the vibration motor?

When the vibrating motor is disassembled, use ordinary bolts to screw the top in the process hole, and the eccentric block will be slowly separated from the rotating shaft to achieve the purpose of disassembly. Note that when disassembling, be sure to loosen the compression bolt on the top of the eccentric block. When removing the outer eccentric block, if the inner and outer eccentric blocks are coincident at this time (when the excitation force is the largest), and the process holes are coincident, tap the eccentric block hill with a hammer to make it rotate at a certain angle, and the inner and outer eccentric blocks are staggered. The eccentric block is ejected. When removing the inner eccentric block, a lining plate should be added between the eccentric block and the motor gland to prevent the bolt from damaging the vibration motor gland.

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