How to Maintain Vibrating Feeder and Vibrating Motor?

The motor vibrating feeder is used to uniformly, continuously or quantitatively feed the block, granular and powdery materials from the storage bin or other storage equipment to the receiving equipment, and is suitable for automatic batching, quantitative packaging and automatic control.

Maintenance requirements for vibrating motor of ATO vibrating feeder:

During the long-term operation of the motor vibrating feeder, the vibrating motor may experience line aging, and the vibrating motor thread may break during the vibration of the vibrating motor. Therefore, it is necessary for us to regularly check whether the vibration motor circuit is in good condition, and check whether the fixing of the vibration motor is loose.

Good lubrication can ensure the normal operation of the vibration motor and maintain the service life of the vibration motor bearing. The lubricating part of the vibration motor is mainly the bearing, which is the main moving part of the vibration motor. If the bearing is damaged, the vibration motor will not be able to run. The filling of lubricating oil is not as much as possible, just inject a certain amount of lubricating oil. Excessive lubricating oil will corrode the wire wrap of the vibration motor.

To lubricate the vibration motor bearing, it is necessary to use high temperature-resistant lubricating oil, because the temperature of the vibration motor is relatively high, and the ordinary lubricating oil will liquefy, which will not lubricate the vibration motor.

The vibration motor should be cleaned regularly, because the vibration motor has been in a heavily polluted working environment for a long time, and the serious accumulation of dirt on the surface of the vibration motor will affect the heat dissipation of the vibration motor, causing the vibration motor to overheat and fail. The bearing of the vibration motor should be cleaned regularly, because the working environment of the vibration motor itself is not good, and the powder accumulation on the bearing will affect the working efficiency and heat dissipation of the vibration motor. It is likely to damage the vibration motor, so be sure to clean it regularly and inject new lubricating oil into the vibration motor.

Troubleshooting of the vibration motor of the vibrating feeder:

  1. When changing the pole and rewinding, the slot cooperation is improper: the cooperation of the stator and rotor slots should be checked.
  2. Rotor friction insulation paper or slot wedge: trim insulation paper or repair slot wedge.
  3. Bearing wear or failure: repair or replace the new bearing.
  4. Loose stator and rotor cores: check the cause of oscillation and re-press the core to deal with it.
  5. The voltage of the oscillating motor is too high or the three-phase voltage is unbalanced: Measure the power supply voltage and check the reason for the high voltage or unbalance.
  6. Wrong connection of stator winding: check the wiring diagram, and reconnect the vibration motor according to the correct connection method after heating the end (including binding, insulation treatment and painting).
  7. The winding is faulty (such as short circuit): heat the open circuit part to the temperature allowed by the insulation level. Soften the paint, then pick up the broken wire, repair the broken wire with the same standard wire, wrap it with insulation, then paint and dry it.
  8. The bearing is short of grease: clean the bearing, add appropriate grease, and vibrate the motor to make it fill 1/2 to 1/3 of the net volume of the bearing chamber.
  9. The fan touches the hood or the air duct is blocked: Repair the fan and the hood to make the geometric size accurate, and arrange the air duct.

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