Explosion Proof Vibration Motor

Explosion proof vibration-motor

Explosion-proof vibration motors are available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 poles with different voltages, they are suitable for use with inverters (variable frequency drives) and adjustable on each individual model.

Explosion-Proof vibrator for applications in the Oil & Gas sector and wherever safety regulations explicitly require explosion proof certification, according to the International Standards in force in various countries.

ATO Explosion Proof Vibration Motor Features

  • Explosion-proof vibration motor excitation force 800-5500kg
  • Wire stator vacuum dipping paint, insulation class F
  • Robust FEA-designed casting base
  • MVE series explosion-proof vibration motors can be used to assist flow, installed on silos or hoppers to speed up the unloading of materials, or installed on vibration equipment as a drive to provide conveying, screening, dehydration or liquid recovery, especially for applications in the oil and gas industry and the recycling industry.
  • When the vibration motor is turned on, the high-speed rotation of the eccentric block generates centrifugal force. If only one vibration motor is installed on the vibration equipment, it will produce circular motion, and if two oppositely rotating vibration motors are installed, it will produce linear motion. The customer follows the application difference and chooses circular or linear motion.
  • Most applications in the oil and gas industry use two vibration motors to generate linear motion profiles.


Power 120W, 500W, 750W, 3kW, 5.5kW
Rated Current 0.57A
Voltage 380V
Phase 3 Phase
Pole 4 Pole
Speed 1400 rpm
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Force 2.5 kN
Insulation Class F
Protection Level IP55
Weight 37kg
Certificate CE