How to Set the Centrifugal Force of the Vibration Motor?

The vibration motors are supplied from the works with a 100 % centrifugal force setting as standard.

If requested by the customer, the motors are supplied from the works with another setting of the centrifugal forces.

Vibration motor centrifugal force setting

The centrifugal forces can be set as follows to modify the output:

Remove the protective hoods (1) from both sides.

Loosen the clamping screws (14) of the internal centrifugal weights (3) and turn the disks in the same direction of 100 % (refer to warning note) to the desired position. The outer centrifugal weights (2) are held in position by two fitting keys.

A mark is provided at the outer centrifugal weights. Graduation marks with corresponding percentages are engraved on a scale at the intenal centrifugal weights. Each graduation mark corresponds to a certain percentage of the maximum centrifugal force and or the working torque.

Re-tighten the clamping screws (14) of the internal centrifugal weights.

The torques for tightening the centrifugal weights (4)

Attach both the protective hoods (1) and tighten them cross-wise. Make sure that the two cord gaskets (9) for the protective hoods contact properly, do not jam and have not been damaged when demounting.

Please note carefully that the internal centrifugal weights have to be set to the same value and/or graduation mark at both sides of the vibration motors.

When using the vibration motors in pairs, the same centrifugal forces must be set in both the motors.

Unequal setting of the centrifugal weights will generate excessive uncontrolled transverse forces which may result in destruction of the motor and the vibration machine.

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