How to Use a Vibration Motor?

The vibration motor are intended for installation in machines according to the equipment group and category. These machines use vibration motor for sieving, loosening, conveying, compacting and separating bulk materials. Any other use is considered improper.

Qualification of the personnel: Assembly, commissioning, maintenance and trouble-shooting of the vibrators may only be performed by authorized qualified personnel.

Vibration motor

Any handling of the electric vibration motor lies within the responsibility of the operator. Accessories which ensure correct operation and safety must provide the protection type required for the specific use.

ATO Vibration motor assumes no liability for personal injuries and material damages if technical modifications on the product were made or the notices and regulations in these operating instructions were not observed.

The electrical external vibrators are built according to current EC directives. Before using these vibrators in potentially explosive dusty atmospheres, the operator must exclude the possibility that the introduction of vibrational energy poses the risk of explosion.

Installation and operation of the vibration motor must be carried out in accordance with the ATEX regulations for operation in potentially explosive dust atmospheres, the rules and regulations of the local associations for electrical engineering (e.g.VDE) and the known accident prevention regulations.

Live parts can cause severe or even fatal injury.

When working on the vibrators, they must be safely disconnected from the electrical mains. Proceed as follows:

1. Switch off vibrator.
2. Secure against unintentional switching on.
3. Determine that the NEA and NEG are voltage-free.
4. Earth and short-circuit.
5. Cover and fence off neighboring live parts.

The vibrators must not be touched during operation or shortly after being switched off. The surface temperature of the vibrators can reach such high values during operation that there is a risk of burning.
Netter electric external vibrators generate vibrations.

The operator of vibration systems must protect workers against actual or potential hazards to their health and safety due to the effects of vibration.

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