The Reason Why the Vibration Frequency of the Vibration Motor is Too Large

As we all know, the vibration motor is an excitation source that combines the power source and the vibration source, and the vibration frequency of the vibration motor is usually relatively large, so many users do not know why this happens, so the next editor of the vibration motor manufacturer ATO let’s analyze the reasons for you.

First of all, the vibration frequency range of the vibration motor is large, and the noise of the equipment can be effectively reduced only when the excitation force and power of the vibration motor are well coordinated.

Secondly, since the vibration motor can be installed on the vibrating body according to different installation combinations, the vibration trajectories generated by it are also different. Therefore, the editor of the ATO Vibration Motor recommends that you choose the vibration motor according to the actual use requirements combination of motors.

DC vibration motor with speed controller

Furthermore, the projections of the vibration trajectory of the vibrating body of the vibration motor on the horizontal plane and the vertical plane are straight lines, so it vibrates in a straight line. Affected by this, the vibration frequency of the vibration motor will be relatively large.

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