3 Ways to Adjust Vibration Motor Vibration

Due to the good use of vibration motors in material classification and processing, vibration motors are constantly being introduced in industries such as mining, metallurgy, chemical industry and building materials. However, many users do not know how to adjust the vibration motor when using vibration motors. Now ATO Vibration Motor Company will give you the answer.

Based on years of production experience, we summarizes the following 3 methods to adjust the vibration of vibration motor.

Vibration motor structure
  • Adjust the vibration of the vibration motor by yourself. If you want to adjust by yourself, ATO vibration motor recommends that you understand the working principle and structure of the equipment before adjustment, and at the same time master certain operation foundations and maintenance common sense to avoid failure or damage due to insufficient debugging.
  • Adjust according to the actual vibration requirements during use. When the vibration motor runs for a period of time, if its vibration frequency cannot meet the needs of use, the vibration motor manufacturer recommends that you debug in strict accordance with the actual needs of the equipment.
  • Look for the technicians of the vibration motor manufacturer to adjust the vibration. Many vibration motor after-sales services include vibration adjustment and other content, so if you want to adjust it, you can seek help from the ATO Vibration Motor Company.

To sum up, the vibration adjustment methods of the vibration motor are various, and the operation is not difficult.

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