How to Prevent the Vibration Motor Casing from Breaking?

How to prevent the vibration motor casing from breaking?

Vibration motor manufacturers found that some customers will break the casing when using the vibration motor, and how to prevent this situation? The ATO believes that when this happens, we can first understand the cause, and then we can take effective prevention based on the cause.

Vibration motor

First of all, if the vibration motor is in use because of the cast iron casing of the equipment, we cannot prevent it, we can only communicate with its manufacturer, or pay more attention to the quality of the equipment when purchasing question.

Secondly, in the process of installing the vibration motor, if the contact between the installation steel plate and the sole surface of the foot is not flat, it will also cause the equipment shell to break. Therefore, we can pay more attention to this aspect during installation and smooth the contact surface. contact, so as to effectively avoid the occurrence of equipment shell breakage.

In addition, when the vibration motor equipment is used in the future, it is necessary to regularly check whether the bolts of the equipment are loose. During the inspection, all the bolts can be tightened to reduce the vibration of the equipment. Further, it is also possible to effectively prevent the device casing from breaking.

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