How to Prevent Explosion Proof Vibrators from Being Corroded?

The explosion-proof vibration motor can effectively prevent and eliminate the occlusion of materials such as arching, tubular channels and powder silos in the silo, tank or hopper, so as to ensure the smooth flow of the material. CZ type silo wall vibrator relies on high-frequency vibration and impact force to effectively eliminate the blockage and arch phenomenon caused by internal friction, deliquescence, electrification, component segregation, etc., so that the material can be smoothly discharged from the silo mouth.

The specific working principle of the explosion-proof vibration motor: when the anti-blocking device is working, the high-speed rotation of the vibration motor generates periodic high-frequency vibration on the silo wall. The wall is out of contact and the friction between the material and the silo wall is eliminated. On the other hand, the material is affected by the alternating speed and acceleration, and is in an unstable state, so as to effectively overcome the internal friction and aggregation force of the material to eliminate the material in the silo. The relative stability between the two makes the material discharge smoothly from the silo mouth.

Explosion proof vibration motor

Because the use environment of explosion-proof vibrators is usually complicated, the surface of the vibration motor is often corroded. If it is not dealt with in time, the service life of the warehouse wall vibrator will be greatly reduced! There are many anti-corrosion methods for warehouse wall vibrators. Here are two anti-corrosion methods:

Electrochemical method

Electrochemical method is a common and effective method.

The electrochemical method mainly improves the corrosion environment by improving the nature of the metal shell of the warehouse wall vibrator, isolating the protected metal from the medium produced by corrosion, or treating its surface.

Electrochemical protection method is to take certain measures on the metal shell of the warehouse wall vibrator according to the working principle of electrochemistry to make it the cathode in the corrosion battery, so as to effectively prevent or reduce metal corrosion, including sacrificial anode protection method and extra current method.

Sacrificial anode protection method

The sacrificial anode protection method is evolved from the electrochemical method.

According to the corrosion principle of the electrochemical method, the sacrificial anode protection method protects the metal shell of the warehouse wall vibrator, which is an effective control method to prevent corrosion.

The sacrificial anode protection method is to use the electrode potential to use the metal or alloy with lower protected metal as the anode, and fix it on the protected metal to form a corrosive battery, and the protected metal is protected as the cathode; the additional current method is to use the protected metal and another extra electrode as the two poles of the battery, making the protected metal act as the cathode, effectively protecting the cathode under the action of additional DC.

The sacrificial anode protection method has a certain protective effect on the anticorrosion of the warehouse wall vibrator used in the humid environment. If the warehouse wall vibrator is used in a humid environment, the sacrificial anode protection method can effectively prolong the service life of mechanical equipment and save costs.

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