How to Maintain The Vibration Motor?

When working on the vibration motor, these must be safely disconnected from the elec-trical mains. The procedure is as follows:

1. Switch off vibration motor.
2. Secure against unintentional switching on.
3. Determine that NEA and NEG are voltage-free.
4. Earth and short-circuit.
5. Cover and fence off neighboring live parts.

Explosion proof vibration motor

The following maintenance work must be carried out regularly by trained personnel with extensive knowledge.

  • Check the screw connections
  • Check the ball and roller bearings
  • Rubricate roller bearings
  • Check operating hours (bearing life)
  • Check cable supply line
  • Replace O-rings and plastic seals every two years
  • Authorized and specialized staff may also perform the following work on the vibration motor.

The adjustment of the unbalance discs with the removal of the unbalance covers.

The electric connection with the removal of the terminal block cover. Please observe the safety instructions in ATO Vibration Motor User Manual when service on the unit is done.

Retightening, screw connections must be checked and, if necessary, retightened after 1 operating time (after initial commissioning) and thereafter regularly (generally monthly). Observe the specified torques.

The condition of the ball and roller bearings must be checked regularly.

Regular replacement of defective bearings or bearings that have reached the end of their useful life.

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