How to Adjust the Vibration Motor Amplitude?

The working efficiency of the vibration motor is closely related to the amplitude, so many users want to improve the working efficiency by adjusting the amplitude, but many accidents occur due to the wrong adjustment method. The following is the list of ATO vibration motor company for everyone. Some methods for adjusting the amplitude of vibration motor.

1. First open the dust cover of the vibration motor and find the screw holes of the vibration motor throwing block.

Explosion proof vibration motor

2. Customize the sling block with the same size as the vibration motor sling block, but pay attention to its thickness should be controlled at about 2mm, and the number should be several.

3. Firmly fix the customized throwing block on the throwing block of the original vibration motor with screws. The quantity is usually 2 throwing blocks at a time.

4. Detect the excitation force of the vibration motor through experiments. If it meets the production requirements, you can directly install the dust cover of the motor and continue to use it. If the amplitude of the vibration motor is still small, we recommend continuing to add a customized throwing block.

5. ATO vibration motor company recommends that you add throwing blocks at both ends of the vibration motor. Usually the number of throwing blocks added at both ends of the horizontal vibration motor is the same, and the lower end of the vertical vibration motor is twice the throwing block at the upper end.

Please note: If the amplitude of the vibration motor is still very small after adding the throwing block, it is recommended that you replace it with a high-power vibration motor in time.

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