What Caused the Vibration Motor to Burn Out?

Vibration motors are widely used in many industries because of their simple structure, easy installation and use, and no need to process transmission devices. However, they will inevitably burn out during use. Why? The following is a detailed analysis of the reasons by the technicians of the ATO Vibration Motor Company.

The main reasons for the motor burnout of the vibration motor are as follows:

1. The fixing bolts of the foot of the vibration motor are loose, and then the whole body is moved by a single stroke, which causes the loosening of other fastening parts of the equipment, so the motor will burn out.

DC vibration motor

2. Bearing locking is also one of the main reasons for the burning of the vibration motor. If the high-temperature lubricating grease is not added to the vibration motor within the specified time, the bearing may lose lubricating oil and lock up and burn the motor.

3. The wear of the external cable will also cause the vibration motor to burn out. When using a vibration motor, vibrating and rubbing the external cable with objects or binding wires may cause the cable rubber to be damaged and cause the wire to short-circuit and burn the motor.

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