Vibration Motor Applications

2 pole vibration motor applications

Preventing coagulation in materials storage bins and feeder, conveyance pipes used by manufactures. Deal with powder and other tiny granular material in containers to load maximize capacity. Dislodging dust and partialities into collectors to control air pollution.

Non-destructive vibration testing machines used in the computer and electronics industries. Vibrating topple over concrete forms.

De-bubbling epoxy resin products such as PCBs.etc.

DC vibration motor

4 Pole vibration motor applications

Preventing pipe clogging on small size materials storage tanks. Deal with powder and other tiny granular material in containers.

Dual motor resonance-type bilge machines.

Materials conveyance and sandblasters in casting plants. Vibrating liquid filtration machines for sludge.

Vibration-type electrostatic filters.

PVC granule sifting machines having a processing capacity. Medium to small size conveyor and sifting machines.

6 Pole vibration motor applications

Preventing pipe clogging on medium and small size materials storage tanks. Vertical vibrating coolers and conveyors for grainy materials.

Water or air type vibrating coolers.

Mold release machines, recirculating sandblasters, and cooling sifters in casting plants. Vibrating sifters for raw material such as food or chemical (plastic, PCX granules).

Conveyor sifter machines used in mineral extraction plants and mines.

Medium distance conveyors and sifting machines.

8 Pole vibration motor applications

Large scale packing conveyor machines.

Vibrating sifters and vertical coolers for wet chemical ingredients.

Heated glass waste water cooling conveyors…Food and chemical raw materials dehydrating and cooling conveyors. Food cleaning, drying and sifting machines.

Earthquake simulation machines (power adjustable).Long-distance material conveyors (six meters or less).

Low-speed, long-distance conveyors (utilized for electroplating, casting, etc.) Vibration testing machines for large items.

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