Vibration Motor Damping Principle

The basic principle and operation method of the shear block shock absorber that removes the shock motor shock absorber. The vibration motor is based on the basic principle of general motor vibration. An axial force block is installed on the shaft, and the high-speed operation of the motor causes vibration force. Because of the unique structure of the vibration motor and the extreme office environment, its service life is much shorter than that of the general motor, so the disassembly and maintenance of the vibration motor is more frequent than that of the general motor.

Vibration motor shock absorber improvement countermeasures when the vibration motor is overhauled, the disassembly and assembly of the axial force blocks on both sides of the shaft is basically indispensable. Because of the unique structure of the axial force block, it cooperates with the shaft (the shear force block in the relatively large vibration motor is generally connected by a transmission chain), and it cannot be disassembled by pickpocketing. Aside, because they do not have special special tools. That is inconvenient and time-consuming, and the damage to the shaft force block and the drive shaft often occurs, especially for large vibration motors. Therefore, the vibrating screen decided to drill 2 processing holes on the shear block of the vibration motor (relatively large) of the vibration machine ATO series products without harming the structure of the axial force block.

DC vibration motor

The operation method of the vibration motor shock absorber When the vibration motor is disassembled and assembled, the top of the processing hole is tightened with ordinary anchor bolts, and the axial force block will gradually separate from the transmission shaft to achieve the purpose of disassembly and assembly. Note that when removing, be sure to loosen the clamping anchor bolts above the axial force block. When unloading the external axial force block, if the inner and outer axial force blocks overlap (when the excitation force is large), the production and processing holes overlap, hit the top of the axial force block with a hammer to make it rotate at a certain angle, and separate the inner and outer axial force blocks, and then use the screw pushes the axle block out. When disassembling and assembling the inner axial force block, add a gasket between the axial force block and the motor cap to avoid damage to the vibration motor cap by the anchor bolts.

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