What Causes the Vibration Motor to Leak?

The vibration motor is to install a set of adjustable eccentric blocks at both ends of the rotor shaft, and use the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the shaft and the eccentric blocks to obtain the exciting force. The vibration frequency range of the vibration motor is large, and the mechanical noise can be reduced only when the excitation force and power are properly matched. Vibration machinery and equipment all use vibration motor as vibration source, and its speed and power are very controllable. By controlling motor speed and conveying power, it is possible to quantitatively control the feeding amount of this series of motor vibration feeders, making it practical in practice. It becomes very convenient in production.

The operating environment of the vibration motor is usually very harsh. Affected by various factors, the vibration motor may cause the chassis to be charged. The following will explain to you several factors and solutions about the leakage of vibration motor:

DC vibration motor with speed controller
  • The terminal board is heavily soiled. Solution: Replace the terminal block or clean the terminal block.
  • The insulation of the lead wire is aging and damaged. Solution: replace the lead wire directly or use insulating tape to wrap the lead wire again.
  • Poor power supply grounding. Solution: Check the grounding wire carefully, find out the bad grounding part, and correct it.
  • The winding end caps are grounded. Solution: remove the end cover, find the grounding point, wrap the grounding point of the coil and apply paint, and use insulating paper to cushion the inner wall of the end cover.
  • The power and ground wires are connected incorrectly. Solution: Double-check the power and ground wires for errors and correct them.
  • The winding of the vibration motor is damp or the insulation is aged and damaged. Solution: Dry the damped vibration motor, and update the insulation aging and damage in time.

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