The Role of Vibrating Motor in Vibrating Feeder

When the vibrating feeder is used for batching and quantitative feeding, it should be installed horizontally to ensure uniform and stable feeding and prevent the self-flow of materials. For viscous materials and materials with high water content, it can be installed with a downward tilt of 15°.

The installed feeder should leave a 20mm swimming gap horizontally, and the suspension device should adopt flexible connection.

Before the empty test, all bolts should be tightened once, especially the anchor bolts of the vibration motor, which should be tightened again for 3-5 hours of continuous operation.

DC vibration motor with speed controller

During the test run, the two vibration motors must be rotated in the opposite direction, and the current and noise should be stable. If any abnormality is found, it should be stopped in time.

The vibration motor bearings should be filled with grease every 2 months, and the lubricating oil should be filled with lubricating oil once a month in high temperature seasons.

Maintenance requirements:

During the operation of the feeder, the amplitude, the current of the vibration motor and the surface temperature of the motor should be checked frequently. It is required that the amplitude of the front and rear is uniform, and the vibration motor current is stable. If any abnormality is found, it should be stopped immediately.

The lubrication of the vibration motor bearing is the key to the normal operation of the entire feeder. During the use process, the bearing should be regularly filled with two-fluid molybdenum 2# grease, once every two months, and once a month in high temperature seasons. The motor is dismantled and repaired every six months, and the internal bearings are replaced.

The correct operation and proper maintenance of the vibrating feeder can prolong the life of the vibrating feeder and play an ideal effect! Viration Motor specializes in the production of vibration motors. The company has a variety of advanced production, processing and testing equipment, and adheres to the concept of “quality first, integrity management”, and constantly carries out technological innovation, and strives to serve our customers with better products.

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