How to become our partner?

In order to expand the company’s reputation and better development, ATO Vibration Motor Company is really looking for a partner.


1. As long as you are an aspiring young man, you are welcome to join us.

2. Able to work under certain pressure.

3. Hard-working, strong team awareness, able to obey the reasonable arrangements and guidance of the team.

Position Responsibilities

1. Mainly responsible for setting up a special group to develop potential customers.

2. Have sales experience.

3. Find a Global Vibration Motor Distributor.

4. Docking with various departments and agents.

Job requirements

1. Have relevant knowledge and experience of vibration motor.

2. Ability to adapt and respond to customer problems.

3. Familiar with the management knowledge of finance, finance and enterprises, master the investment and financing process and related operation steps.

4. Assist the company’s brand to complete the promotion of the project.

5. Have excellent expression, communication, coordination and organizational skills, have a strong sense of work responsibility and teamwork spirit, and be able to work under pressure.

To be our partner, please contact us.