How to Replace the Vibration Motor Bearing?

When replacing a bearing of vibration motor, we recommend to replace both bearings of a motor, even if only one bearing should be defective. A defective bearing will also always cause damage to the other bearing. The second bearing will fail after a short time.

The bearing housings must also be replaced every 2nd time that the bearings are replaced.

Remove the Roller Bearing

For the size of the bearing, refer to the rating plate on the vibration motor. Attention, we do not use commercially available standard bearings.

Make a mark on, or record the position of, the rotatable inner flyweight (3).Release the flyweight attachment screws (14).

Remove the outer flyweights (2). If there is a problem: Insert a chisel or strong screwdriver into the clamping slot to widen it.

Remove the key (13).

Remove the inner flyweights (3).

Remove the V-ring (12).

Remove the attachment bolts (10) for the bearing plate (6) and install them into the threaded holes in the bearing plate. Use these to press out the bearing plate (6), together with the cylindrical roller bearing (5). Make sure not to wedge the bearing plate.

Remove the bolts (11) and bearing cover (4).

Press out the cylindrical roller bearing (5) from the bearing plate (6).

Remove the spacer (8) from the shaft (8), together with the inner race of the cylindrical roller bearing (5).

All components to be used again must be cleaned and degreased.

It is not permitted to reuse bolts and locking washers.

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