Enterprise Vision

IEnterprise Vision

The special motor division of ATO Vibration Motor Company focuses on the design, manufacture, sales and technical services of AC motors with special requirements of users. The main products include vibration motors, torque motors, speed-regulated motors and multi-speed motors.

In addition to the realization of its conventional functions, the engineers of ATO Vibration Motor have also continued to go deep into the product application site to realize the development and promotion of its various extension functions. They have successively developed two-speed braking torque motors, port-specific braking torque motors, Handwheel fine-tuning torque motor, European standard deceleration torque motor, high-frequency vibration motor for artificial marble press, two-speed vibration motor, special two-speed motor for frequent starting of engineering tire building machines and other products have been recognized, appreciated and trusted by users.

ATO vibration motors have always adhered to the concept of sophisticated advanced design, ATO Vibration Motor professional manufacturing, and meticulous and perfect service. In the motor industry, we have won the market with high-quality products and won reputation with service that focuses on details. Continuous technological upgrades have improved the user experience and at the same time increased the localization rate of equipment manufacturing, eliminating the long procurement cycle, inconvenient maintenance and high cost of imported motors.

Personalization is the core of our precise service, we are willing to change for the reasonable needs of users! Customized vibration motor, please contact us.